March 22, 2011

China denies confuse Gmail

China has denied its citizens confuse Gmail because of difficulty in accessing Gmail, and Google pointed Party, Gmail service interruption was caused by the Chinese government for not found technical problem in Gmail.

"That accusation is not acceptable," according to a brief comment from Jiang Yu, spokesperson for the Ministry of China as the quotes the BBC, Tuesday (22/03/2011).

Previously, Google spokesman explained, users in China often experience problems when trying to access Gmail. This happened since the end of January. Users difficult to enter the Gmail homepage and send email. According to Google, the engineer has been investigating this issue and found no technical issues in Gmail.

China is very strict in controlling the Internet. The Chinese government did not hesitate to block the service popular sites like YouTube, Facebook to Twitter. They are also often accused of cyber attacks to Western countries. But the Chinese government always denied these allegations.

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